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Company Cartlis  has been operating in Georgian Agro Market for 25 years and offers customers a wide range of plant protection products, fertilizers, seed and irrigation systems and especially for wine makers special product and offers.  During these years, among farmers Cartlis established itself as highest quality product distributor. As a result of highly motivated work company is trusted by thousands of customers and nowadays is one of leading companies in it's field.

Cartlis has test demonstration farms, where new cultivars and agrichemicals are tested and latest technologies of agricalture plant cultivation are used. Company is proud that in Georgia, among professional farmers, name "Cartlis" is associated with knowledge, quality and experience. 

 On July 14th 2011 in Washington, United States Congress Department of Agriculture Building,  “Cartlis Agrosystems” received the special award as best pesticide distributor company in east europe region, for conducting business with high ethic and professional standards.

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